Project steps


    Open educational methodological guide on technological surveillance.

    Elaboration of an innovative guide that will facilitate the development of a surveillance system in the area of innovative materials in the VET centres by applying a competitive intelligence system. Innovative guide that will explain how to carry out the surveillance technology within an institution and how to use different tools and information systems, including the one that will be developed in the Intellectual Output O2.


    Computerized Database.

    Specific database which will consist of a practical tool, a surveillance system customized for vocational training centers. Its aim will be the update the knowledge of students in innovative materials, both derived from wood as others. Students may use this system in their prototypes. Added value for the future workers of companies.


    Training course / case study.

    Application of the concepts that have been collected in the methodological guide on the use of the developed computerized database in order to obtain a final report with a list of innovative materials (European wide). This IO will permit to assess both IO1 and IO2.